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Muloongo is deeply proud of her African heritage, which she balances with a more Western approach to life. She was born in Zambia and is also a naturalised citizen of the United Kingdom. She had a Third Culture upbringing as a diplomat’s child living in Belgium, Italy, Japan, Mozambique and the UK.

Muloongo did her first degree at the University of Zambia and was a Bank of Zambia Scholar, which is a full-ride scholarship for the top two students in Economics. She then won a Rhodes Scholarship and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the University of Oxford.

After Oxford, Muloongo spent more than 16 years working for leading companies in oil and gas, management consulting and corporate banking. As an expat, she lived in London, Lusaka, Johannesburg, Dubai and Singapore. She left the corporate world in July 2021 to work in philanthropy and is now based in Oxford.

Muloongo self-published her first book, The Millennials’ Gaido to Work, in 2018 as a mentoring guide for young professionals navigating the workplace. She has developed and led mentoring programmes for nearly 20 years. She now coaches and mentors Gen Z and will launch "My Gaido" in 2024 to better support and nurture young talent at scale.

She is a frequent keynote speaker on topics ranging from Africa, culture, globalisation, networking and talent. Please get in touch at

Disclaimer: This website and any of the content developed and produced for Ongolo and any additional created content represents the opinions, view, and research of Muloongo Muchelemba and her guests. Views and opinions expressed on the website and our created content are our own and do not represent that of other places of work.

Muloongo Muchelemba

Ongolo’s Mission

ONGOLO was launched on 1 April 2020 as a news and ideas blog with the objective of changing the narrative about Africa as a continent that has little to offer Africans and the rest of the world.

The early mission of the blog was to provide an alternative view to current news and explore topics relevant to Africa. The target audience was Africans living at home and abroad, who wanted to stay informed, and non-Africans keen to learn more about Africa.

After three years, ONGOLO pivoted the blog to provide market intelligence, explore life in Africa and entice tourists. This shift reflects the interests of the core readership of the blog and addresses frequently asked questions.

Our Founder, Muloongo Muchelemba, has a vision for Ongolo to ultimately become the leading market intelligence and business advisory firm bridging Africa with the world. She is leveraging her global network of contacts and business experience to make Africa more accessible.