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Dec 15 Independence Day

DRC celebrates 61 years since the end of Belgian colonial rule which ended after 75 years until 29 June 1976

Dec 29 Independence Day/ National Day

Seychelles celebrates 45 years since the end of British colonial rule which ended after 166 years on 29 June 1976


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7 truths about the new #Covid_19 #OmicronVariant by @Ongolo_Africa please read and share widely to lean and to educate. Let’s #changethenarrative

Changing the narrative 👉🏾 rather than focus on the negative response to a spirit of openness and collaboration shown by scientists in Botswana ...& South Africa, we celebrate African excellence & remind Africans to Think Africa for your next trip abroad. 👊🏾


Promoting Zambian natural health products that have the potential to go global! @Mwebantu @zadama24 @timesofzambia @DiggersOfNews @africaupdates ...@AfricaTradeLink @CNNAfrica @BBCAfrica https://t.co/9urrBFSuab

@UmoyoNH is Zambia’s leading natural health and wellbeing company. It was founded in 2007 by Swedish native Kim Otteby to provide natural solutions to common ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Today, the company sells countless products


COP26 ended on Saturday 13 November 2021 with agreements that have been universally panned for doing little to stop our planet from heating up. In ...the words of the The Economist it really was a COP-out. Details of key outcomes in today’s post:



Today’s @timesofzambia news headline: corruption in fertiliser procurement.

@Ongolo_Africa story on Thursday: How corruption is woven into... the fabric of Zambian society. Link to story: https://t.co/5NYnQLoV8V

#zambia #ZedTwitter #corruption #publicsector

President Hakainde Hichilema has promised a zero tolerance on corruption. Can he deliver? Previous presidents have campaigned on an anti-corruption ...platform but delivered little

Read more in today’s post:


#corruption #publicsector #Zambia #ZedTwitter

There is no polite way to say this: the goal to achieve net zero by 2050 is BS. We’ll be holding COP54 in 2050 under the theme “What happened?”...

Find out what the world needs to do to
achieve carbon neutrality in today’s post:


#cop26 #COP26Glasgow

The award for outstanding performance in the latest James Bond film, #007NoTimeToDie goes to the Nokia XR20 phone.

If any company can pull ...off one of the greatest comeback stories in business history, it would be #Nokia. #mobilephone