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Africa Weekly News roundup – Week 45

ARTS & CULTURE Here’s why we need more African archaeologists Our cultural values glue us to one another and help us create security and a community. Cemeteries and sacred places form part of our identity. History keeps us in touch with this identity and sense of community, yet in Africa it has been the preserve

Kobe Bryant's Mamba Mentality

How to ensure that 2020 does not defeat you

2020 will forever be remembered as the annus horribilis for most of mankind. The year got off to an eventful and soul-destroying start with the Australian bush fires, floods in Indonesia, a volcanic eruption in the Philippines, a brush with World War III and billions of locusts ravaging East Africa. Then Kobe Bryant died in

US-Africa relations

What has the Trump administration done for Africa?

There was a huge uproar in January 2018 when it was reported that President Donald Trump had complained about taking in migrants from “shithole countries”, his derogatory term for African countries and Haiti. His comments were universally condemned by the United Nations, the Pope and the African Union who issued a statement calling the remarks

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Africa Weekly News roundup – Week 41

ARTS & CULTURE   France votes to return colonial artefacts to Benin and Senegal In a major win for Africa’s fight for restitution, the National Assembly in France has unanimously agreed to return artefacts to Benin and Senegal. The decision now goes to the Senate who will hopefully pass the motion and fulfill the promise

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