Lockdown is driving innovation in the education sector

Parents and traditional education were the biggest losers during the 2020 pandemic. Parents were faced with the impossible task of having to juggle three distinct roles – parent, teacher and employer or employee – all from the (dis)comfort of their

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The global village

Developing a global mindset is now a necessity

I delivered a keynote speech on Friday 12 June 2020 to the participants of The Global Leaders Programme called January. January is an experiential leadership programme for senior leaders from business, government and social sectors across the world as they

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Map of Africa
Arts & Culture

Africa is not a country but Africans are alike

When I first launched on 1 April 2020, I received a valid challenge about my ambition to create a Pan-African community from Cape to Cairo, Dakar to Djibouti. Andrew from Uganda said: “Impossible! Africa is formed by different cultures,

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